Noelle Tenaglia

noelle-familyNoelle has over 15 years’ experience in Anti-Aging and Aesthetics and was recently accepted as a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). Noelle was born in Marietta, Georgia.   She resides in Woodstock, Georgia with her husband, 3 girls and her little man.

After graduating from Georgia Medical Institute in 2003 as a Medical Assistant she gained experience and knowledge in the medical industry while working for Dr. Ken Knott at Health Horizon’s located in Marietta, Georgia. Her experience was earned through dedication and consistency in Phlebotomy, Physical Therapy, and Bio Identical Hormone Replacement, Insurance Billing, and Office Management.  The practice expanded hiring Dr. Stephen Jacob creating an Aesthetic practice within Health Horizon’s. At this time is where Noelle was introduced to the aesthetic industry assisting the physician with laser treatments and injectable.

Noelle graduated in 2007 and she year started working at day spa for about a year and the business went under, and Noelle found herself without a job.  Finding herself looking for a job in the medical field she found in complicated landing a position in a Plastic Surgeon or Aesthetic Practice most offices required 2 years’ experience or they were not hiring.  Determined, she took control of her destiny decided to start a LLC and opened a small studio in Kennesaw, Georgia.  She gained experience on her own, but felt she was missing out on all the industry had to offer being a loner.  She knew she wanted to find a position working for a Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon.  Her experience in the industry grew. Knowledge with in the Industry and decided to owned and operated her own business from 2007-2010 when she gain experience in aesthetic industry. Her business grew, but knowingly in the industry as did she as a Medical Esthetician where she was fortunate enough to be educated and certified as a Laser specialist at a local physician’s office in Kennesaw, Georgia.  The Aesthetic Industry was once only a vision in cosmetology, but now you will find her (Aesthetics) beauty introduced and guided within the entire medical industry.  Noelle hopes to share her protocols and techniques will one day be approved and will revolutionize Aesthetics, Nutrition and Medicine!

Today you will find her within TANC – TOTAL AESTHETIC NUTRITION CENTER located in Woodstock Georgia. Working with the Aesthetic Contour Laser combo laser system, a vision on a mission!