How To Gain New Muscle and Lose The Flab

Protein Powder for Lean Muscle BuildAnyone who has spent time in the gym is trying to accomplish something. They want to gain new muscle and/or lose the flab. Unfortunately, there is no miracle pill, diet or drink that can make it happen quickly. It comes down to consistent hard work. But, there are protein powder products available that can help you get to your goals quicker. Let me share with you about one of the newest muscle gainers on the market.

protein powder for strength trainingLow Fat, Low Sugar, High Protein Quality

MuscLean is a great tasting, high protein powder for guys and gals who want to add new muscle without any extra calories. Now, you might be thinking that you’ve tried protein powder and you can’t find one that works for you. But, you’ve got to give this one a fair shot. Most protein powder manufacturers boast of their quality protein in large amounts. But, they conveniently neglect to mention the huge amounts of fat contained in those powders. A lot of those high fat content calories are based on animal fat. But,MuscLean has been formulated to be different. The fat comes from plant sources so there are no trans-fats or saturated fats in every scoop. Plus, you won’t find any empty calories stashed in there to add pounds to the scale. There’s only 1 gram of sugar per scoop, so it is great for meal replacements and low glycemic diets. Also, it’s lactose and gluten free for those who have dietary restrictions.

peanutbutter muscleanWhy is this Protein Powder Different?

What I like most about this  new product is that this protein powder has been created based on proven science of micro nutrients and macro nutrients. There are no fillers and stuffers. Moreover, MuscLean has partnered with the flavor giant Breyers. Take your mind to imagine the intense flavors that you can find in ice cream aisle of your grocery store. Yes, those delicious and intense flavors make MuscLean super delicious! So, you won’t dread having to swallow down this tasty protein shake everyday.

New Muscle Candidate For MuscLean?

MuscLean is has been primarily produced for muscle gainers, like body builders and cross-fit trainers. But, it is not the only limitation with MuscLean. It’s a great product for athletes who need to keep their muscle mass but could afford to shed a few extra pounds without putting their bodies into starvation mode. These protein shakes carry 21 g of protein and will keep you feeling satisfied if using it as a meal replacement option.

Breyers Strawberry flavorLike the variety and choices of Breyers ice creams, MuscLean also comes in a wide variety of delicious flavors. Personally, my favorite is the peanut butter and strawberry. But, you can try them all and decide for yourself.

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