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Medical Aesthetics + Total Nutrition Center = TANC

article-photo-1Lou and Noelle Tenaglia have brought their individual specialties—nutrition and physique enhancement and wellness—together under one roof, TANC (Total Aesthetic Nutrition Center). Clients can purchase supplements and get advice from Lou about nutrition, and schedule an appointment with Noelle for non-surgical face lifts, body contouring, scar removal and chemical peels.

Their focus is on helping others achieve wellness from the inside out. “We have always referred clients to one another, and thought that both industries could work under one roof,” said Noelle. “Our vision is for the entire family to achieve balance, health and wellness.” In building TANC, which opened in July, the couple has tapped into another benefit, one that has strengthened their marriage.

They’ve worked countless hours working together to prepare their 1,600-square-foot space for this summer’s opening. The walls in the front of the store are lined with shelves filled with nutritional products. The back half is called the aesthetics lounge, where Noelle performs cosmetic procedures. Lou owned a supplement business in Kennesaw for 12 years. He has a bachelor of science degree in biology/psychology from the University of Central Florida and clinical cytogentics from Kennesaw State University. Noelle worked for a cosmetic surgeon as an independent contractor for four years before joining forces with her husband. She is a graduate of Georgia Medical Institute and is a licensed esthetician. Noelle is certified by the Aesthetic Practice Association and Skin of Colors and certified in laser procedures.

The couple lives in Towne Lake with their four children, who attend Bascomb Elementary and Etowah High schools. “In building TANC, I knew I wanted to create a place that welcomes the entire
family,” said Noelle. “Being close to home allows us to have a better balance all around, and gives us a chance to be a part of an amazing community.”

article-photo-2Medical Aesthetics

Services range from non-surgical face lifts and scar removal to chemical peels and body contouring. The business also features medical-grade skin care products and offers complimentary consultations, during which photos will be taken using digital Skin Analysis. “This technology allows us to print and review the analysis with our patients in order to create the perfect treatment plan that is going to benefit them most,” said Noelle. “I have been blessed to do what I love: the technology we are using today is remarkable. My favorite part of my job is body sculpting. I enjoy watching the skin and muscles constrict, turning sagging skin into a tighter, more youthful appearance, turning a woman or a man’s frown back to a smile.”


Lou’s education and 20 years of fitness experience allow him to provide clients with assistance in determining the proper products to select from shelves that are stocked with diet, skincare, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, oils, protein powders and amino acids, along with pre- and post-workout supplies. More than 7,000 items are available on the website Order before 2 p.m. Monday-Friday from the website to get next-day shipping in most areas of the continental U.S.

Medical Supervision

The medical director for TANC is Dr. Steven McAlpine, who oversees the practice for the aesthetics, lab work, weight loss and hormone replacement. Dr. McAlpine is a Georgetown University School of Medicine graduate who served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1978 to 1991. He is board certified in emergency medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, and has received
certification in business administration. Lou encourages neighbors to stop in and say hello: “With Noelle’s techniques and my education and ability to explain product and nutrition, the average person can gain so much from a visit to TANC.”


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