Sweet Sixteen

As it is the new year, I was thinking today about THE NEW YEAR, SWEET 16-2016! I decided to focus on all the possibilities and what I want to move into this NEW YEAR. The phrase — Out with the old and in with the new — came to mind and for some reason, this just didn’t sit well with me. Sure, there are things that I want to release and change, however, I can’t say I will forget or move on from, but instead do my best to work on my internal setbacks and flaws. Who doesn’t have flaws, we all do so with that being said 2016 looks pretty sweet to me! Acknowledging is a pretty big step for anyone!

I’ve worked a lot this year on my driven purpose, what I have to offer to society. I am self-judgment, I am super -duper self-critical and a perfectionist. It drives people closest to me CRAZY, Oh- if they only knew how I felt. Through years of critical talk, I have come to realize I am capable of bringing so much more this year because of all the hard work and accomplishments the past few years, okay or many years, it served me well, to be honest. It made me work harder, train longer, commit 110%. I’m older and have very different goals. So even though I no longer want to have this self-judgment be a part of me, I have to embrace it and thank it for serving me for so many years. And so I can now use that inner-voice that used to bring a constant FEAR that I am worthy enough, It’s time to give myself credit for all my accomplishments. For that voice inside of me is trained to serve me how I need it. We all have a gift and a purpose in this life I am so appreciative to have met mine!

There are many things that I have worked on internally this past year — things that I didn’t like about myself. But my brilliant Coach told me that I needed to embrace ME – for all parts of you are there for a reason. And she was SO right. Thank you Stephanie Hines! As hard as I tried to fight it for so long! LOL

So this year, I encourage you to not to quit those bad habits cold turkey, but let’s DO IT TOGETHER and reflect on the things you wish to release and hopefully you too will see how those lessons were blessings in disguise- that got you to the SWEETEST year of your LIFE!

Sending Blessings!