Understanding The Need For Testosterone


Purus_RecycleWhat do anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs do, and why is that important to consider for bodybuilders? These drugs bypass the normal regulatory mechanisms that control the metabolism and physiology of the user. All of these drugs mimic natural hormones or neurotransmitters that alter the rate of energy expenditure (calorie burning), as well as the balance between anabolic vs. catabolic processes. In a steady state (when the body is at rest and well-fed), there is a balance between anabolic growth and catabolic breakdown. The scales are tipped toward growth when there is a relative excess of any or all of the primary anabolic hormones; breakdown and loss of mass occurs when the catabolic hormones achieve precedence.

Nutrients Do Not Increase Muscle Or Fat

There are any number of examples, but for the purpose of understanding, let’s consider testosterone. A higher concentration of testosterone (higher than naturally produced) stimulates muscle hypertrophy; hypogonadism (low testosterone such as experienced with aging) results in muscle atrophy (loss). A lifestyle of overeating and indulgence increases both insulin release and resistance, resulting in weight gain and obesity; prolonged starvation forces the body to release catabolic hormones (fat storable hormone), leading to the increase of fat and loss of muscle. It is important to understand that nutrients do not increase muscle or fat; rather, it is the action of enzymes directed by hormones that are released in response to changes in available nutrients and energy stores.

Natural Alternatives To Increase Natural Testosterone

VMI_A-XR_PCTThere are natural alternatives to increase ones natural testosterone. Obviously not the same as a synthetic hormone but for the average “Joe’ who’s not a body builder and wants to elevate testosterone it can be done naturally (a few hundred Nano grams per deciliter). You’ll need to take these products daily and for 30-60 days continuously for desired effects. Accompanied by a clean and healthy diet with high doses of essential fats (fish oils) will aid these types of products in effectiveness. A few I’ve found effective are Purus Recycle, SMT T-Rize, and VMI Sports A-XR PCT.

T-Rize-Bottle-PicUnderstanding Testosterone and how the body looses its ability to produce it as we age, as well as environmental factors, is a crucial part of sustaining muscle and muscle growth.


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